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Create an Account: The practice player app allows players to record their practice rounds prior to entering a tournament. First, create an account, Its FREE! After you have verified the account by email you can login and start to record your practice rounds. If you have the "practice player app" you can use your smart device to record the rounds. You can download the Manual Practice Sheets and Shooting Mat Placement Doc to record the practice rounds manually and then store them in your online account.

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Android | Practice Player

The larger basketball marked with 1, 2, 3, 4 are points that are awarded to the player who makes a basket from those designated spots on the floor.

The Bonus points button: This awards the player with 10 additional points if they have attempted a shot from each of the 6 spots on the floor. They do not need to make a basket from each spot but they need to have attempted a shot from each spot.

Shots made will be incremented when the larger (basketball buttons) are pressed. The total points are calculated each time a shot is made and the score keeper presses one of the scoring buttons. The total for the round is calculated each time the player scores.

Apple | Practice Player

The (-) Button: This button will subtract 1 shot if the score keeper made a mistake.

Shot Clock: If the admin decides to use the app shot clock the score keeper will start the clock and instruct the shooter to start to play. Some tournaments may use a stop watch and opt out of using the app shot clock.

Verify button: This button allows the score keeper 1 more change to correct the players score before updating that players record in the database.