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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often. To jump to the section you’re most interested in, simply click on one of the links directly below.

The Hott Shot Challenge is planned at the local level. Each tournament is held at a different facility and location. Check the registry page to find a tournament nearest to you.

Registration is open to the first xxx number of players. Each tournament is slightly different in participation and pricing. The registration fee, time and place are set at the local level. Most tournaments are similar to the fee schedule below:
Regular Registration fee is $40.00 per player before 99/99/9999
Register fee is $45.00 after 99/99/9999
Registration fee is $50.00 the day of the event if space is available
Online registration closes on 99/99/9999
No fee to transfer a registration to another player

The numbers within the shooting mats (circles) are the points awarded to you if you make that basket from that spot. If you make 4 baskets from the 3 point shooting mat (circle) you will be awarded 12 points. When the clock starts, you will have 1:30 (1 minute and 30 seconds) to shoot, hustle and score as many points as you can. The top shooters will advance to the championship round.

Each shooter will have 1:30 (1 minute and 30 seconds) to complete a round.

NO! Each shooter is responsible for rebounding their own shots.

The score keeper/timer may stop the clock under certain situations. If a competitors ball enters your shooting space this may result in a stoppage in play. The ball will be played as close as possible to the place on the court where the infraction occurred and the clock will restart on the score keeper’s discretion.

You should arrive at the facility at least 1 hour prior to the challenge start. This will give you a chance to do a shoot around and warm-up.

You should dress comfortably. Gym shoes, shorts and a shirt are required to participate.

Please check the registration page to find the location of the event. Your admin will be sending reminder emails to players. These email reminders are to inform the players of new events and any changes in the venue.

Points will be awarded if you start with at least 1 foot within the shooting mat (circle). You can land outside the circle after you have released the ball. One foot must be in the circle and touching the ground prior to shooting the ball. If the score keeper has determined that your feet were both outside the circle prior to shooting you will NOT be awarded those points. The score keeper/referee decisions are final.

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