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The Start: A player will start shooting the basketball from the 2 point shooting mat. The shooter will be awarded points by making baskets from any of the designated areas on the court. Each area has a different point value based on the difficulty of the shot.

Android | Score Keeper App

The larger basketball marked with 1, 2, 3, 4 are points that are awarded to the player who makes a basket from those designated spots on the floor.

The Bonus points button: This awards the player with 10 additional points if they have attempted a shot from each of the 6 spots on the floor. They do not need to make a basket from each spot but they need to have attempted a shot from each spot.

Shots made will be incremented when the larger (basketball buttons) are pressed. The total points are calculated each time a shot is made and the score keeper presses one of the scoring buttons. The total for the round is calculated each time the player scores.

Apple | Score Keeper App

The (-) Button: This button will subtract 1 shot if the score keeper made a mistake.

Shot Clock: If the admin decides to use the app shot clock the score keeper will start the clock and instruct the shooter to start to play. Some tournaments may use a stop watch and opt out of using the app shot clock.

Verify button: This button allows the score keeper 1 more change to correct the players score before updating that players record in the database.