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Hold your own Hott Shot Basketball Challenge

We Provide everything you need to run a successful tournament. We provide the website to advertise the contest, fliers/posters, the rules, the shooting mats, score sheets, automated score system (IOS and Android apps), real time results, paypal processing to register your competitors. Its all included!

Contact us to learn more about holding your own local tournament ... see explainer Video

You decide when and where the tournament will be held. The tournament can be held inside or outdoors. Contact your parks department or local school to secure a facility to hold the contest.

NO! you do not need your own website. Once you register with us. We will create a back-end user name and password for your tournament administrator.

From the back-end the admin can:
Assign score keepers
Add and view all players in your tournament
Add and modify player results
Print documents
Player Tags/Bibs
Score Sheet Results
Blank Score Sheets)
Send out emails to player
Print advertising documents
T-shirt Template
Hott Shot Challenge Logo
Print rules
Print court layout schematics

The Hott Shot Tournaments sells out fast. We will provide a flyer/poster that you can use to promote the event. Once the word spreads the tournament will sell out fast. The flyer/poster is a Photoshop CC document. You download it from the admin and then can edit any part of the poster to suit your tournament needs. Don't forget get social media to promote the event.

The rules are the same for all tournaments. Mat placement, distance and scoring are all the same for every tournament. We keep track of players. Those that are at the top of the heap get placed into the Hott Shot Challenge Hall of Fame. We provide the rule book and a schematics for mat placements.

We will provide you with the shooting mats. The standard sets come with enough mats to cover 6 baskets. For larger events please contact us.

We will provide you player tags that you can print from the admin. Each player will have their own number so they can be tracked at each basket. The player will need to be instructed to place the tag/bib in a visible place. The player tags include the Event Title, Player Number and Player Name.

    Label size:
  • Avery 5163 compatible
  • 2" x 4"
  • White
  • Rectangle
  • 10 labels per sheet


You can score the event manually or you can use our smart device apps to automatically score the event. If you decide to score the event manually, start by printing the blank scorer sheets found in the admin. Each basket will need a score keeper to tally each made basket. The scorer keeper will hand in the score sheet to the scorers table. The scorers table will need a head scorer to enter the results into the database.

Automatic (Use the Apps)

The automatic way is designed to speed up play. Each shooter is scored via an app downloaded to a smart device. Get the Apps here. As the players make baskets the score keeper can tally the made baskets totals into the app and then send the results directly to the database.

The results are in real time as the scores get updated. The website will reflect the current status of play. From the top navigation press results.

YES! Paypal is built into the back-end. When a player registers they are taken to Paypal to complete their transaction. You will need a paypal account to use this functionality. Read more here

All the money raised from the tournament is yours. We have an upfront fee and a per player fee to put on the contest. Learn More here